Restaurant - Local food & soft drinks

Phat Loc is localed 5 km from the centre of Hoi An – a relaxing 30 minutes boat cruise a long the Hoi An. River is the ideal way to reach the restaurant.

Open daily for breakfast lunch & for dinner by special request.


  • Quang Noodle
  • Cao Lau
  • Rice Pancake with Green salad
  • Deep Fried Spring Roll (Egg, shrimp, meat)
  • Beef/ Chicken Noodles Soup
  • PaPaya Salad with Shrimp Cracker
  • Fried noodles with Beef/ Seafood
  • Pork loaf
  • Bread, Eggs & Meat
  • Chicken Noodles


  • Rice Pancake with Green salad
  • Egg Plant Grilled
  • Green Papaya Salad
  • Mushroom & Toffu Clay Pot


  • Bottle Water, Coke, 7 up
  • Black / Milk Coffee
  • Herbal Tea
  • Coconut Water
  • Beer
  • Lemon/ Orange Fruice
  • Ice Cream
  • Yogurt

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